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I have been playing:

- Monopoly Deal!, a card game version of Monopoly that plays in 20-30 minutes and is a lot more fun. Sadly, I figured optimal strategies in one day, so I'm putting together some house rules to make it more challenging.

- Yomi! A fighting card game (thanks to yhlee for hooking me up). Though this game has more stuff going on, my roommate and I also found optimal strategies for our character decks in 3 hours of play, so that's kind of sad.

- Final Fantasy 13. I got a cheap copy ($20) to fill my need for JRPG action. Whenever I get done, I'll have to write it up here, since there's major coonery with the black character...

There's a lot of gameplay and storytelling problems as well. I'm seeing that the gameplay is basically a macro-based RTS with 3 units on the screen - it's 10x the work for about the same level of fun as choosing between Attack and Magic over and over. There's also the part where you play about 3 hours and there's no xp or leveling up- so the fights are basically a waste of time early on.

Story-wise, I'm about 7-8 hours into play and I haven't seen what a normal town looks like in this weirdo setting, and I don't understand the motivations of most of the party...

- D&D 4E Essentials - I ran a quick encounter for some friends last night testing out some hacked monsters stats that I'm using. I want to run a short campaign, and it looks like it's going to be pretty neat.

How about you? What's up with your gaming?

Date: 2011-07-05 07:05 pm (UTC)
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I've been going through Assassin's Creed 2, which has a really interesting storyline thus far and HOLYCRAPSOPRETTY. The controls on the PC are a little wonky to get used to at first, but they do a lot of really extensive training, so it doesn't take TOO long to get used to it. It's a long game, and I JUST got to by first pass through Venice.

They do a really great job of passively teaching you history and art history, too. They incorporate actual historical figures into the storyline but very gracefully so, and they make great use of Renaissance art for puzzles - after which they give you a brief history on them.

As sexist as the game can be because Ezio is a horny skirt-chaser, the female characters in the game are all actually pretty awesome. There's a good range of female characters, which I appreciate - from nobles, to thieves, to courtesans and they've all got personality and teeth.


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