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Community Goals & Rules

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to Gamers of Color!

This community's goals are to set up a safe space for POC and allies to talk about:

1. Folks of color who design/work in the games industry
2. Games which focus on POC in cool ways
3. Communities/spaces that are positive spaces for gamers of color
4. Issues/concerns we face in communities (both face to face and online)
5. Racism in imagery and depictions in games
6. Geeking out on games and sharing

Obviously we have cross over with general anti-kyriarchy political communities, but straight up news/politics really doesn't fit here (there's other communities I can point you to for those discussions).

Don't feel limited to talking only about new games or events! If you've been playing an old game you found online or a boardgame from the 80's, or just thinking about a past game experience with new eyes, feel free to past about it.

Public vs. Members only posts

You can choose whether you want posts to be visible to public or members only - ONLY MEMBERS CAN COMMENT either way.

I generally prefer to go for a 60-70% public post thing, because it's nice to have a secondary effect of a resource for other gamers of color who are stumbling upon the community and a tertiary effect of possible education for clueless-who-might-learn. Note though, that's on the bottom of the list- definitely make any post about personal emotional stuff or things easily misconstrued by clueless white folks private.

I'm not going to mod your choices in that, so go public/private as you will.


Safe space is pretty high on my list of goals, here. Part of that is that I have little patience for bad behavior that violates safe space. This is definitely not the place to get 101's on race issues.

If you've worked in other safe spaces before, you really shouldn't have a problem here. There's basically two levels of moderation: Act a fool = banned. Act clueless = get one warning and links for things to go read, then ban.

I know that's super subjective, but having been co-moderator of several safe space communities that aren't 101 spaces, it has worked pretty well. Folks who want less benevolent dictator moderation options should make communities based on what works for them (and, if you'd like, send a link! I actually would be really happy to see a thriving network of different POC gamer communities, forums and sites).

PM Me if drama kicks off

I can't follow every comment thread. PM me and let me know if bad stuff is happening. It may take me to the end of the day, but I will get to it.

So, with all that in place, thank you for joining and let's get our game geekery on!